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Emil Salto: Light Forms

Image of Emil Salto: Light Forms


Emil Salto: Light Forms
This publication delves into the manipulation of light, time and material by Danish artist Emil Salto, on the occasion of Light Forms, his first solo museum show in the United States.
Salto’s light experiments trace the borderland of expanded photography. Directed by his awareness that perception is an embodied act, Salto deliberately uses a blind process of image making in the darkroom. There, his body movements and light produce unforeseeable afterimages. Once released from that temporal lapse and the darkness of that setting, Salto extends his experiments with light and form to kinetic armatures, spatial environments and to the viewer.
Essays by Curator Cora Fisher and Robin Clark identify connections between Emil Salto’s phenomenological, material sensibility and historical lineages including the Bauhaus, Group Zero, and the American Light and Space movement. Their texts also place his work in the wider context of contemporary light art, expanded photography and performativity.
Salto’s work allies itself with modernism’s perception-bending formalism while it compels us to cultivate presence and attention, bracing us against the speed of contemporary consciousness.

Emil Salto:Light Forms is produced by the Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art (SECCA) in collaboration with Revolver.
Cora Fisher, Ed.
US/Copenhagen 2015, 64 illustrated pages plus leporello, 15.25 x 23 cm, Softcover, English
ISBN 978-3-95763-265-4