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Point & Counterpoint: NC Arts Council Fellows 2014-2015 Catalogue


The exhibition Point & Counterpoint:NC Arts Council Fellows 2014-2015 represents a convergence of art being made today across North Carolina. The exhibition catalogue includes full color images of the works, thematic overviews of the exhibition and artists, as well as introductions by SECCA's Director and Curator and the North Carolina Arts Council Senior Program Director for Artists & Communities, Jeff Pettus.

The framework for this exhibition, point and counterpoint, insists that dealing with difference is a necessary and productive force in the development of an artist’s practice and in how we experience their work. Artists must perpetually ask difficult questions that will clear pathways to find form and meaning. Each of the eighteen artists of Point & Counterpoint has been awarded a grant by the North Carolina Arts Council to support this artistic process. The questions raised and the risks taken lead to the great variety of expression presented here.

Artists: Sara Baird, David Chatt, Maready Evergreen, Kiki Farish, Dustin Farnsworth, Joshua Gibson, Heather Gordon, Cara Hagan, Harrison Haynes, Elisabeth Haviland James, Stacey L. Kirby, Jeana Eve Klein, Peter Oakley, Richard Prisco, Bob Ray, Tom Shields, Damian Stamer, and Aaron Wilcox.