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Published on the occasion of the exhibition Paperless
April 27 – September 16, 2012 Curated by Steven Matijcio

The medium of paper is a fragile vehicle – carrying the anthropological weight of written thought, but acutely vulnerable to the forces of travel, climate, and time. This endangered status accelerates in an increasingly digitized and environmentally conscious society, where the “paperless economy” is turning said material into simultaneous antiquity and the abject. Yet even as paper struggles against its purportedly imminent extinction – moving into and out of the archives at once – artists around the world are venerating its precarious empire. From the Southeast United States, across the East and West coasts, extending to Asia, Amsterdam, South Africa and Scandinavia, this project congregates emerging and unheralded artists wrestling with the contingencies of their craft.

Paperless celebrates these refugees of the information age, presenting theatrical elegies to the pariah of so-called “progress.” Artists include: Natasha Bowdoin, Peter Callesen, Doug Coupland, Simryn Gill, Katie Holten, Kiel Johnson, Maskull Lasserre, Nava Lubelski, Oscar Santillan, Karen Sargsyan, Jude Tallichet, Yuken Teruya, Oscar Tuazon, Johannes Vanderbeek, and Xu Bing.

with essays by David Reinfurt, Steven Matijcio, Xu Bing.
Catalogue includes CD with bonus materials.

Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art. Exhibition made possible by the Tremaine Foundation, Emily Hall Tremaine Exhibition Award.
119 pp
ISBN: 978-1-888826-11-1